Dear members:

The membership card of Youth Restaurant (hereinafter referred to as membership card) has functions of membership discount and point redemption, it can be used in all brand stores of Beijing New Century Youth Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as our company) in the country. If you have any suggestion or propose in application, please dial the national customer service number 4006-365-517 or send the email to We will try the best to provide you with better service!
[Member’s Rights And Interests—Only in China]:


Membership Classification

Youth Membership(electronic card), VIP Integral Membership(electronic card), VVIP Prepaid Membership(electronic card)


Admission Rules

Follow the WeChat service number, fill in the name, gender, date of birth (English Birth Date is defaulted for mobile terminal), phone number, then you can become the Youth member.


VVIP Prepaid Membership

(1)A delicacy cold dish or a cup of special drink will be presented to the meal.(Each table is provided for one piece only with a validity of 30 days. )
(2)A voucher of 20 RMB for the next day will be presented(it’s available after consuming for more than 100 RMB, and each table is provided for one only with a validity of 30 days.)
(3)You can enjoy a member price for the meal;

(4) Prepaid membership would enjoy the following discounts:

         560 RMB is actually obtained for charging 500 RMB;
         1150 RMB is actually obtained for charging 1000 RMB;
         5999 RMB is actually obtained for charging 4999 RMB.

(5)On the birthday, a piece of birthday noodle and a fruit plate will be presented; if the meal is ordered one day before the birthday, we will set for you; birthday gift coupons will be valid for 15 days. The VIP and VVIP prepaid membership could enjoy a birthday gift through the ID card.


Application Rules for VIP/ VVIP Membership Card

The card is only available for the owner and please show it in ordering or checking out. It can’t be used with other preferential activities in the same time. Refer to instructions in the store for details. The consumption amount could not exceed 80% of total amount in the first consumption or on the charging day. Voucher, food coupon, points and premium part should be used by the rules, they can’t be exchanged into cash, nor they are available for more than 3 tables(limited to the hall only).

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